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Euroopa Parlamendis, freedom onlineLance Box 181

Lance Boxall – An independent voice for Estonia and freedom online in the European Parliament

I love Estonia and I love the EU. I also believe strongly in a free and secure internet available to all – freedom online , and the power of Information and communications technologies (ICT) to improve our lives, improve the environment and make Europe more productive and prosperous.

I need your support to become your i-MEP, independent Member of the European Parliament one of 6 MEPs to represent Estonia, i-Estonia and internet freedom in Europe.

I am an experienced Brussels insider, having been working there since 1999. I will use my Brussels EU knowledge and experience to strengthen Estonia’s reputation and influence in the EU and build on its existing strengths in information and communications technology

Estonia can build on its ICT and e-government achievements by attracting more research and innovation funding for ICT in more diverse specialisations such as Smarter energy supplies and Smart City solutions. i-Estonia can pioneer wide scale adoption of smart grid technologies to save energy and increase energy security.

i-Estonia can become THE European centre of excellence for all ICT and the leading EU advocate for and guardian of freedom and security on the internet. I will work together with all other MEPs from all political parties to achieve this.

I understand the complexities of EU Research and Regional funding and how to make them work together. But most importantly is to make sure that Estonia is better know as an ICT powerhouse of clever people and innovative approaches. Political support and more private investment will follow that.

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